Simple, portable, easy...

Simple, portable, easy...

EasyAim is a virtual reality simulator aimed at training and improving shooting skills.

The system makes use of a set of robust technologies that allow the installation of the equipment in places that do not require any infrastructure specific, for its proper functioning, enabling large-scale training at a very low cost.

Advantages of using the simulator:

Minimizes ammunition consumption, equipment wear, downtime and other associated costs;
Maximizes the number of training sessions, instructor time, evaluation efficiency and it’s safer;
Training of equipment failures and various risk scenarios, such as emergencies;
High ROI (Return On Investment).

We are different:

  • Definitions

    Simple configuration of different targets and distances

  • Types of Training

    Individual or group-based training, with static or moving targets

  • Online reports

    Team evaluation reports presented in an integrated way and made available remotely via web server

  • Integration

    Possibility of integrated use to train large contingents (5X integrable modules).

  • Portability and low cost

    Use of portable technology with easy installation and low maintenance costs

  • Lighting

    Use in a lighted environment, not requiring installation in dark rooms with controlled lighting

  • Equipment

    Can be used with both real and simulated guns

  • Technical support

    Technical support, ready to answer your questions.

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